Sunday, October 29, 2017

5 Things you didn’t know about Georges St-Pierre

   Georges St-Pierre makes his anticipated comeback at UFC 217, just one week from now where he’ll face Michael Bisping, the current Middleweight champion.

GSP is considered one of the greatest martial artist of all time, he went out of MMA at the top of his game in 2013 as he vacated his UFC Welterweight Title and went on hiatus. He was undefeated for his title and was on an incredible nine-fight title defence streak when he decided to take a break.

Here is 5 things you didn’t know about him:

5) How Georges St-Pierre received his nickname “Rush”
If you followed Georges St-Pierre later in his career, you knew that he was a calculated fighter. He would negate most of his opponent’s strengths and usually win in decisive fashion. But early in his career, he finished numerous of his opponents in the first round. This is where he received his nickname Georges “Rush” St-Pierre.

4) He Was in a Captain America Movie
Captain America: The Winter Soldier came out early in 2014 and the movie features St. Pierre. He plays the villain known as Batroc The Leaper. The character is a mercenary and a master at the French form of kickboxing known as savate. St. Pierre is also French, but French-Canadian, so he’d have to stretch his acting skills a little bit. Writer Michael Waid once described the character as Jean-Claude Van Damme stuck in the 1960’s. Seems like a perfect role for St. Pierre to play, doesn’t it? The role appears to be a great stepping-stone for Georges, who has been dipping his toes into the movie industry ever since he left the octagon.

3) He Has A Passion For Paleontology
Paleontology is the science of studying fossils to determine the evolution of various organisms. Apparently, St. Pierre finds this fascinating. So much so that he plans to finish school studying the subject. Who would have thought that he would retire from MMA fighting to go back to school? Not that he needs it, with the money that he has in his pocket, but it’s good that he wants to keep learning. It gives kids a good example to look up to. The funny part about St. Pierre’s passion is that old-school dinosaurs can also be found in boxing and other traditional sports that didn’t think the UFC would ever last as a mainstream sport. See what we did there?

2) He took up martial arts because he was bullied
Born in Saint-Isidore, Quebec, Canada, the great mixed martial artist was surprisingly bullied as a child. He started learning Kyokushin karate from his father at 7-years-old in order to learn how to defend himself. He continued his studies under a Kyokushin master and eventually started incorporating Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and wrestling into his martial arts at 16-years-old.

1) GSP is scared of aliens
Although he’s never confirmed it, it is said that Georges St-Pierre is “deathly afraid of aliens” according to former training mate and current UFC on Fox analyst and color commentator Kenny Florian. St-Pierre has also discussed his fear of these so called “unidentified flying objects” and odd time gaps on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast.