Saturday, September 2, 2017

What Is Turinabol? the Drug that Jon Jones tested Positive For!

   Everyone in the MMA community still in shock these days, the news of Jon Jones failing a drug test after his great performance at UFC 214 when he got the TKO victory over long-term rival Daniel Cormier. Couple days after that big night some reports have confirmed that Jones tested positive for drug called Turinabol.
Knowing that this his second time in his career.

So what is Turinabol ?    
Turinabol was developed first in 1961 by the eastern Germans and they were using it for their athletes.
Known for helping athletes to gain muscles without water retention, in addition to being free of Estrogenic side effects.
Also some research has proven that Turinabol reduces systematic SHBG(Sex hormone-binding globulin) levels.

USADA  recently confirmed that Jones only failed in a urine test for this drug, 
noticing that the blood test is different than the urine test and this will open more mystery about Jones's case.

Will Jones survive this time or we wait for a big penalty ? 

Topic to follow ...