Monday, September 4, 2017

Former Champ Carl Frampton believes Conor Mcgregor would beat Paulie Malignaggi!

  The Former Boxing two-weight world champion Carl Frampton said that his countryman Conor Mcgregor has a chance against The former two weight classes champion  Paulie Malignaggi based on Conor's performance against Floyd Mayweather.

"There is more money in boxing for him. I think he'd fight Paulie Malignaggi. On that performance (against Mayweather), probably Conor would beat Malignaggi"

Frampton also praised Mcgregor's performence against Mayweather:

"He was better than I thought. He didn't embarrass himself, he done well. He won the first three rounds in my eyes and then Mayweather came on strong, It wasn't Mayweather's game, but he was trying to walk him down and that's not Mayweather's game. McGregor should not be embarrassed at all"

Frampton told TMZ Sports.